Heroic Bloodshed


An innocent young witness to a brutal crime finds herself hunted by the dangerous men and woman responsible. Her only protection is a hard-boiled police inspector named Lee. Relentlessly pursued by the criminals, the two attempt to take refuge inside an old barn. Lee, heavily outnumbered and out-gunned but determined to protect the witness at all costs, takes a final stand against the horde of gangsters hellbent on silencing her. Justice will be served no matter how much blood must be shed.

Director: Tyler Williams

Writers: Tyler Williams, Vincent Galvez

Producers: Simon Fon, Daniel Levinson, Tyler Williams

Stars: Michael Dufays, Aniko Kaszas, Tyler Williams, Casey Hudecki, Allen Keng, Jeff Ong


'Platinum Remi Award - Independent Short Live Action Narrative' Worldfest Houston 2009
"Best Special Effects - Short" Action On Film Festival 2009
"Best Action Sequence - Short" Action On Film Festival 2009 (Nominated)
"Breakout Male Action Star - Michael Dufays" Action On Film Festival 2009 (Nominated)
Official Selection: Worldfest Houston 2009
Official Selection: Action On Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Mississauga Independent Film Festival 2009
Official Entry: 2009 Babelgum Online Film Festival
Official Entry: Stranglehold’s True to John Woo Short Film Contest

Technical Information

Runtime: 6 min

Genre: Action

Production Format: DV

Interesting Facts

Filmed in 2 days and edited in one week to be submitted to the "True to John Woo Short Film Contest". After the contest the film was re-cut and given an original score for film festivals.
There is a total of 20 different John Woo film references in the short. Can you name them all?