A seasoned fighter accepts a challenge from a hot-headed woman looking to prove herself.

A hard-hitting fight scene featuring some incredible Toronto stunt performers, proving that women can take and dish out the punishment just as good as the boys can.


Director: Tyler Williams

Writer: Tyler Williams

Producer: Tyler Williams

Stars: Orphée Ladouceur-Nguyen, Anita Nittoly, Geoff Meech


Technical Information

Directed, edited and choreographed by: Tyler Williams

Director of photography & camera operator: Alex Bros

Make-up by: Fiona Cheng & Lina Tran

Music: “TEARS” by HEALTH, from the “Max Payne 3” soundtrack.

Special Thanks: Vladimir Druts, DL MacDonald, Justin Decloux, Casey Hudecki, Sarah Moffat.

**This non-profit film was created strictly for the self-promotional purposes of all participants involved**

Running Time: 4 minutes