The Breakout


With authorities hot on his trail, the recently escaped inmate IR-300 follows a hand drawn map to a secluded area deep in the countryside. Upon arrival he is outraged to find two other escapees trying to make off with his coveted prize: a large stash of stolen money. Despite the odds, IR-300 is not about to leave empty handed.

Director: Tyler Williams

Writer: Tyler Williams

Producers: Tyler Williams, Simon Fon

Stars: Allen Keng, Dan MacDonald, Ilan Rosenberg


"Best Action Sequence - Martial Arts Short" Action On Film Festival 2008
"Best Fight Choreography" Action On Film Festival 2008 (Nominated)
Official Selection: Action on Film Festival 2008
Official Selection: Mississauga Independent Film Festival 2008

Technical Information

Runtime: 11 min

Genre: Action, Comedy

Production Format: DV

Interesting Facts

Halfway through filming Allen Keng had to shave his head bald in order to play Ben Kingsley's stunt double in "The Love Guru", forcing the production team to re-shoot all of his scenes.